Carly Chubak

Take Cover

2019. Hand-dyed raw silk noil, cotton thread. 63” x 87”.

Carly Chubak’s “Take Cover” is a modern revival of the domestic propaganda for American households during World War II. Looking back on the fragmented depiction of enemy bodies in wartime imagery and the propagandistic call to hand-knit socks for American troops, she is fascinated by the way the nation’s agenda pervades the domestic space. In her work, Chubak creates a twin-sized quilt that imitates Universal Camouflage Pattern, a US Army uniform pattern that will be completely phased out by this September after dramatic failure in the field. Each color is hand-dyed using natural dyes including tea from her kitchen cupboard. “Take Cover” explores both the impressive complexity of modern imaging science and the tragedy of an army wasting billions of dollars on useless uniforms in an effort to keep up with the Joneses.

Spacetime Curvature for Bowling